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Solar Power Installation in Lafayette, Louisiana

My name is Robert Willey. I'm a professor of music at UL Lafayette, and made this informational website to share my experience installing a solar power system at our house in order to help people in the area save time researching the options. Please send me email or call (337) 501-1975 if you'd like to come by and see our system, find out how it has lowered our energy bills, or get recommendations for contractors.

When we're not using a lot of electricity the meter spins backwards, and we get a credit from the city for what we put back into the grid.

During heavy use times and at night we use up the credit.

We got 80% of the cost of the system back after filing income taxes—the State of Louisiana cut a check for 50%, and the Federal government granted 30% in tax credits.

The remaining 20% that we paid will be recouped in savings on utility bills, after which we'll be getting free energy.

The savings on our electric bill the first year equalled a tax free 9.6% return on our investment— better than what the banks or stock market are paying.


I had contractors install:

I installed myself:

I decided against installing a solar-powered hot water system to heat water since our heater is gas powered. Depending on how much hot water you use, a solar system really makes sense if you're using electricity to heat your water, since it can pay for itself in about 18 months.



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Our roof

Our roof with solar energy panels in Lafayette Louisiana

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