From La La to Zydeco - Songs

Clifton Chenier (1973)
Excerpts from Hot Pepper, a film by Les Blank

Clifton Chenier – What I’d Say (1987)
Written by Ray Charles, Warner Chappell

Rosie Ledet - Brown Sugar (1995)
Written by Rosie Ledet, Flat Town Music

Creole Zydeco Farmers - Baby Don’t You Cry (1995)
Written by Murphy Richards, Jon Music

Boozoo Chavis - Johnnie Billy Goat (1996)
Written by Wilson Chavis, Flat Town Music

Boozoo Chavis - Tell Me What’s The Matter (1996)
Written by Wilson Chavis, Boozoo Chavis Music

Keith Frank - Sweet Soul Music (1996)
Written by Sam Cooke, with additional material by Arthur Conley and Otis Redding
Abkco Music, Inc and Irving Music, Inc.

Nathan Williams - Zydeco Hog (1997)
Written by Nathan Williams, Happy Valley Music

Preston and Carlton Frank - You Act Sick When Your Man Is Home (Pointe aux pines) (1997)
Written by Wilson Chavis, Flat Town Music

Zydeco Joe - Allons Plaisance (Let's Go Plaisance) (1997)
Written by Joseph Adam Mouton

Thomas Field - (Don't Mess With) My Toot Toot (1998)
Written by Rockin’ Sidney Simien, Flat Town Music

Chris Ardoin - Lake Charles Connection (1998)
Written by Chris Ardoin, Happy Valley Music

Jude Taylor - Hassle in My Castle (2003)
Written by Jude Taylor, Mardi Gras Records

Geno Delafose - Eunice Two Step (Two Step de Eunice) (2003)
Written by Amédé Ardoin

Geno Delafose - Bon Soir Moreau (Good Night Moreau) (2003)
Written by Alphonse Ardoin and Canray Fontenot,
Wynwood Music Company, Inc.

BeauSoleil - Zydeco Gris Gris (2003)
Written by Michael Doucet, Flat Town Music

Corey Ledet - Boudin Man (2004)
Written by Joseph Rossyion

Corey Ledet - Do It All Night Long (2004)
Written by Wilson Chavis, Flat Town Music

Curley Taylor - The Monkey and the Baboon (2004)
Written by Eddie Bond, Beckie Music

Dexter Ardoin - Allons Danser (Let's Go Dance) (2004)
Written by Canray Fontenot, Tradition Music

Frank Family Band - Les traces de mon boghei (The Tracks Of My Buggy) (2004)
Written by Doris Matte, Flat Town Music

Frank Family Band - Oh Mom (2004)
Written by Keith Frank, Swaza Music


The songs were arranged on the disc chronologically according to when they were recorded.

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