Online Music Retail Products Class

Welcome to the online Music Retail Products class (MMP280) taught during the summer in the Music Media Production and Industry department at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana by Robert Willey. The class is designed to help you prepare for a career in retail sales, sales representation, or customer and technical support. Students who are enrolled will do their assignments and get their questions answered through Blackboard.

If you're not taking the class you can explore the material in any order. One approach might be to start with the families of products with which you are least familiar. For example, if you're a keyboard player, try starting with stringed instruments or microphones and vocal processors.

The class is built around resources from Sweetwater Sound Inc located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sweetwater is one of the most largest online sales companies and is just 70 minutes away from us up Highway 69. Chuck Surack, its founder and CEO, was instrumental in lobbying the state to fund the construction of our music production facilities, and each semester some of our graduates join their sales and support teams. The knowledge gained from this class can help you prepare for their comprehensive exam (for which a 40% is considered a good score), or to work for many of the other companies we study.

Getting Started

Stringed Instruments & Amps


Drums & Percussion

Microphones & Preamps

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Sweetwater Resources

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